HSC administrative and hiring process.

HSC understands the urgent needs of medical personnel and why a temporary hire can make all the different when unexpected short staffing occur due life situation. Temporary staffing is and ideal solution for staffing situations such as:

Family Medical Civic Duty
Vacations Medical Leave
Service Duty Absences
Peak Season Health Reason
Promotion Resignation

Our client retain HSC to handle all their administrative, background checks, hiring process, benefits, tax withholding and other required human resources functions associated in the hiring process of our candidates. Using temporary staffing allow our clients to test our candidates skills-set and rather they are a fit, if decided to offer full-time employment, while trusting us to bare the cost & effort it takes to hire and retain qualified employees. HSC rigorously focus on the screening, credentialing, testing and interviewing process to ensure that all of our employees and candidates are qualified in their profession & skills-set before beginning an assignment.

HSC is committed to handling all of the administrative and credentialing needs for our clients and their facilities requirements, so they can focus on what matters the most…taking of care of their patients needs. Our administrative process:

Recruiting Screening
Interviews Testing
Benefits Temp Payroll
Employment Verification Liability Insurance
State & Federal Unemployment Social Security Contribution

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