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Our healthcare credentialing coordinators understands the important of verifying the education, training, and skills-set of all of our RN’s, LVN’s and other healthcare providers.

We take credentialing serious by knowing it is an essential process of evaluating and assessing the competence of all of our medical professionals, keeping in mind that credentialing is the important basis of maintaining high quality healthcare and patient safety.

Our licensed RN and LVN are required to meet our credentialing process before being considered for placement.

Our credentialing specialist assures that every RN/LVN has competed a comprehensive application. Completed our person-to-person interview process.
All State License are checked and verified. Current CPR during time of hire and renewed annually.
A full 1 year experience in clinical nursing and/or in their specialty field. Proof of all blood borne pathogens training.
Required Immunization. Completed and passed a skills test in their specialty.

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