Locum Tenens are all license professionals (Physicians/Assistants, Images Technicians, Nurses/Practitioners, Therapists (OT’s, PT’s, RT’s) and others are independent contracts.

Are contractors eligible for any company benefits?

Locum Tenens contractors are considered self-employed. Locum tenens contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes and pay for their own benefits. These benefits are not provided by the hospital or healthcare group you work for that provide traditional employees benefits.

So you ask…Why certain Physicians opt to work as a Locum Tenens vs Direct Hire?

Many Physician have given several reasons they prefer to work Locum Tenen over Direct Hire. For young Physician, working locum tenens allow them to experience and explore the many different cities and options while gaining hands-on experience they otherwise would not experience.

Compare to a more experience Physician are seeking to have less responsibility, travel more while they seek their retirement. Much can be side about physicians who have yet decided where to settle also seek locum tenen to experience the many different location and cultures before they begin to seek a permanent place.

Other Physicians seek to moonlight to make extra money to pay off their student loans or other expensive. Each has their own reason for working Locum Tenen.

HealthSearch Consultants understands the urgency and the needs for Locum Tenen Physician and why it can make all the different when unexpected short-staffing occur due to life situation. Temporary staffing is an ideal solution for staffing situations such as:

Family Medical Civic Duty
Vacations Medical Leave
Service Duty Absences
Peak Season Health Reason
Promotion Resignation
Why Physicians Work With HealthSearch Consultants?

HSC services a large client base – from the largest healthcare systems in the nation to stand-alone physician practices. HSC prides ourselves on connecting with our clients, while working alongside them in the recruiting process to ensure placement of the right candidate, with the right skills-set; while staying mindset on how to continue improving & delivering quality services

While the selection of a physician might seem like an easy task, it actually takes a great deal of research and patience, which our consultant have experience for years.

HSC rigorously focus on the screening, credentialing, testing and interviewing process to ensure that all of our prospective candidates are qualified in their profession & skills-set before beginning an assignment.

We present you with complete candidate profiles per your specific position requirements. You can then interview your top selected candidates.

After clients approval, HSC we will complete the onboarding process, including background checks, ensuring that medical requirements are current.

Our consultant understanding the important of regularly follow ups with client and contractors to make sure the healthcare professionals are providing quality performance.

Anesthesiology/CRNA Cardiology
Correctional Medicine Dentistry
Emergency Medicine Family Practice
General Surgery Hospitals
Internal Medicine Occupational Medicine
Oncology Pediatrics
Psychiatry OB-GYN
Orthopedic Surgery Radiology

HealthSearch Consultants speaks your language… It’s the language we speak all day!…because.. We know Medical…We staff Medical…We are Medical.

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